How We Can Help

GTY Technology's mission is to accelerate the growth of an emerging private company by providing immediate access to capital and operational expertise - without undertaking an IPO.  As a special purpose acquisition company, our value proposition is to unlock the potential in your company through our vast operational experience, deal sourcing capabilities and access to capital. We are an influential team of CEOs with a proven track record in the technology, financial services and management consulting industries.  Our unique technology industry experience combined with our operational and financial expertise has been very successful in delivering a path of transformational growth and maximized value in a public business structure.

The key to growing companies profitably over time goes beyond capital – it requires vision, strategy and sound business fundamentals. We provide visionary leadership to drive the growth you desire. As transformational strategists we have proven success, a broad  relationship network, and a deep bench of talent to help drive your company to new levels. Where appropriate, our three partners can provide leadership and guidance on the Board of Directors.

Structural Benefits to working with GTY Technology

  • Our structure is cost effective – we’ve eliminated the work and market risk associated with an IPO. 
  • Once publicly traded, your company may enjoy enhanced liquidity through greater access to capital markets.
  • Public companies typically trade at higher multiples than private companies given enhanced liquidity. 
  • Your Company can issue additional stock through secondary offerings. 
  • Public companies tend to have more options to pursue growth, including mergers and acquisitions since company stock can be used as currency to acquire target companies.  
  • The Company can offer stock bonuses and/or stock options as an incentive to attract and retain key talent. 

The combination of our management team’s unique technology industry expertise, broad and deep relationship network,  and proven deal-sourcing capabilities in addition to the structural benefits GTY Technology offers creates a unique environment to help an emerging private company achieve their full potential and value.