What We Do

GTY Technology was developed to accelerate the potential of emerging technology companies by adding experience and capital. Our business strategy is to combine with a company or companies that complement the experience of our management team and can benefit from our operational expertise. Our selection process will leverage our management team’s broad and deep relationship network, unique technology industry expertise and proven deal-sourcing capabilities to provide a number of business combination opportunities. 

Our management expertise:

  • Operating companies, setting and changing strategies, and identifying, mentoring and recruiting world-class talent;
  • Developing and growing companies, both organically and inorganically, and expanding the product ranges and geographic footprints of a number of target businesses;
  • Helping companies who are effecting their customers' digital transformations;
  • Partnering with other leading companies as well as key systems integration/consulting channel partners to increase the sales and improve the competitive position of our companies; 

We are concentrating our efforts on companies in the technology industry that could benefit from access to the public markets but have been unable to do so due to a number of factors, including the time it takes to conduct a traditional initial public offering, market volatility, pricing uncertainty, and public company financial experience.

Why Technology?

Organizations in all industries continue to undergo rapid transformation resulting from the impact of recent technological shifts, including cloud and mobile computing, software-defined data centers (SDDC), the rise of the practice of automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes known as the DevOps model, heightened cyber security threats, the challenges of managing and maintaining big data, the growth in use of analytics and the adoption of software as a service (SaaS).

Nearly every major organization currently faces and will continue to face massive disruption to legacy infrastructure and services that have failed to adapt to these technological shifts. The resulting demand for these solutions has created a massive opportunity for a new breed of technology companies to provide innovative products and services that help accelerate this technology transformation.

A plethora of companies have developed these products and services but lack the experience or contacts necessary to navigate and accelerate the penetration of their solutions into large IT departments. Compounding the problem, large companies’ IT departments lack the in-house expertise to evaluate the immense number of new vendors competing for their business.

We believe our management team’s distinctive background and vast network of technology leaders provides them with a differentiated opportunity to source a target, validate a potential target’s technology, consummate a business combination with the target and help sell the target’s products and services into large enterprises.